• Robotics Club

    Robotics Club

Spark your child's ingenuity. Delve into the world of robotics.

Join a team and work together to build and program a robot. Courses are 6 sessions long for regular clubs and 19 sessions long (plus tournaments) for the Competitive Robotics Team. Level I is for beginners and doesn't require any previous experience with Robotics. For participants in Level II or our Competitive Team, some previous experience with VEX® Robotics and/or any computer programming is strongly recommended.

Available Programs

LEGO® Mindstorms®

Saturdays 10am–2pm
Fall: September 16–October 28
(will NOT meet on October 7)
Winter: January 13–February 24
(will NOT meet on February 10)

For ages 8–9

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VEX® Robotics I

Sundays from 10am–2pm.
Fall: September 17–October 29
(will NOT meet October 8)
Winter: January 14–February 25
(will NOT meet February 11)

For ages 9–10

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VEX® Robotics II

Sundays (Fall) or Saturdays (Spring) from 10am-2pm
Fall: November 5–December 17
(will NOT meet November 12)
Spring: April 7–May 12

For ages 10–12

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Competitive Robotics Team

SUNDAYS from 3-5pm plus at least four evening tournaments at Eric Hamber Secondary School with the VSB Robotics Competition, as scheduled. See VSB Robotics for details of tournaments
September 17-March 11
Will NOT meet on October 8, November 12, December 17, December 24, December 31, January 7 or February 11

For ages 11-14

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Program Details

Science World Members: $270 Regular Clubs  |  $475 Competitive Team
General Public: $300 Regular Clubs  |  $525 Competitive Team

  • Space is limited to 16 participants
  • * LEGO® Mindstorms® I will not meet on Nov 5 and 12, or Feb 11.
  • * VEX® Robotics I will not meet on Oct 2 and 9 or Feb 12.
  • * VEX® Robotics II will not meet on Nov 13 or Apr 15.
  • * VEX® Competitive Robotics will not meet on Oct 2 and 9, Nov 13, Dec 18 and 25, or Feb 12.

What's VEX® Robotics?

The VEX Robotics Design System offers students an exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These are just a few of the many fields students can explore by creating with VEX Robotics technology. Beyond science and engineering principles, a VEX Robotics project encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among groups. 

What's the Competitive Robotics Team?

The Competitive Robotics Team will work together to create robots for specific challenges and test their designs against other teams in the area. We use the VEX IQ robotics system and will be participating in the VSB Robotics Competition – a friendly and casual competition series held at Eric Hamber Secondary School Visit VSB Robotics Competition  for more information.​

What's LEGO® Mindstorms®?

The Lego Mindstorms series of kits contain software and hardware to create customizable, programmable robots. They include an intelligent brick computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and LEGO parts from the Technics line to create the mechanical systems.



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